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Environmental Health

Contaminated land

Information on contaminated land regulations and the contaminated land strategy.

The Contaminated Land regime, introduced by Part IIA of the Environmental Protection Act 1990 in July 2000, created a framework for the identification and remediation of land where historical contamination is causing unacceptable risks to human health or the wider environment, based on a "suitable for use" approach.

 Local authorities duties

the requirement to inspect their area to identify contaminated land;

  • to determine whether particular sites meet the statutory definition of contaminated land;
  • to act as enforcing authority for all contaminated land sites within their area, (unless the site meets the definition of a 'special site', where Scottish Environmental Protection Agency would act as the enforcing authority) and;
  • to maintain a public register of contaminated land within their area.

To date, no sites within East Renfrewshire have been formally identified as "contaminated land".

Contaminated land and planning

In addition to the prioritisation programme, Environmental Health also reviews planning applications to identify any potentially contaminated sites. A site investigation may then be required as part of the application process. Environmental Health reviews the site investigation report and makes recommendations on the suitability of the site for development and any necessary remediation. Early consideration of such matters is extremely beneficial to all parties involved in the planning process as it helps to highlight the important issues and costs which may be incurred during development. Consequently, pre-application discussions with the local authority are advised.

Where contamination of a site is known or suspected, East Renfrewshire Council must be satisfied that the land in question is suitable for its proposed use and that any change of use will not result in the land being identified as contaminated under Part IIA of the Environmental Protection Act 1990.

Contaminated land strategy

To look at East Renfrewshire Council's  Contaminated Land Strategy go to the related documents area.


If you have a contaminated land enquiry the charge is £50.00 per hour, plus analytical costs.

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