Education Maintenance Allowance

Education Maintenance Allowance is a weekly payment of £30 to help support a student in education beyond the school leaving age of 16.

How much is EMA?

£30 a week.

Do you qualify for EMA?

You qualify for an EMA for the 2020/21 school year if:

  • your birthday is between 1 March 2001 and 28 February 2005
  • you go to an East Renfrewshire school
  • you study involves at least 21 hours of guided learning a week
  • you sign a learning agreement with your school
  • your household income is within the agreed government levels

Household income levels

IncomeDependent childrenEMA amount per child
0 - £24,4211£30
0 - £26,8842+£30

How to apply

Icon for pdf Download an EMA application form [171.78KB].

Icon for pdf Download the EMA guidance notes [267.97KB].

You can also get an application from your school.

Closing date

31 March 2021

If you're 16 up to 30 September

If you apply before 30 September 2020, we'll backdate EMA to the start of the school year.

If you apply after the 30 September 2020, your EMA will be paid from the date your application was received.

If you're 16 after 1 October

If you apply before 28 February 2021, we'll backdate EMA to the start of that term.

If you apply after the 28 February 2021, your EMA will be paid from the date your application was received.

After you apply

We'll write to you to confirm your application.

This letter will tell you how long we'll take to deal with your application.

How we pay you EMA

We pay EMA every 2 weeks. This is usually on a Friday.

We pay it into your bank account. We can't pay in into anyone else's bank account.

We don't pay EMA during these school holidays:

  • Christmas
  • Spring term
  • October Week

Why we may stop EMA payments if:

  • your attendance falls below 100% in any one week
  • your late
  • you don't meet conditions of the learning agreement

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Last modified on 7 July 2020

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