Factoring services

Find out about factoring and repairs to common areas.

What's factoring?

Factoring manages repairs and maintenance of common parts.

The common parts are owned by more than one homeowner. For example, a roof or gutters.

Who can we factor?

We can provide factoring services to homeowners who live in a factored building.

Factored buildings

Factored buildings are cottage flats or tenements with at least one council owned property and all the title deeds of the owners' flats in the building states we are the factor or the majority of owners in the building, including council owned properties, voted for it to be factored.

What does it cover?

The Written Statement of Service has lots of information on factoring and what it includes.

Read the Written Statement of Service (PDF) [8MB] (opens new window) .


The charge is £103.95 + VAT a year for every factored property. We'll send a bill for the charge in April each year.

We'll also send a bill for your share of any work we carry out.

How do I ask for a repair?

Unless there is a factors clause, we need to ask all flat owners in the building if they agree to carry out repairs. We'll carry out the repair if the majority of owners agree. If there is a factors clause we will tell all flat owners about any works required.

The law also allows any owner to carry out emergency work. This includes the council. If this happens, you must notify the other residents as soon as possible and keep them up to date.

To request a repair, contact us.

What if I'm not factored?

You can carry out repairs if you ask all flat owners in the building and the majority of owners agree.

Novoville Shared Repairs

The Novoville Shared Repairs app is dedicated to helping proprietors carry out common repairs. There is a small fee only in the case of a successful project. Novoville Shared Repairs has been vetted by the East Renfrewshire Council. The app makes it easy to know what to do at every step of the way to complete a repair or maintenance job. It incorporates a list of East Renfrewshire council vetted Trusted Traders and offers a service to help homeowners gather quotes.

How to join the factoring service

You can join if there's at least one council owned property in your building. The majority of owners also have to agree.


Last modified on 30 November 2023