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Adults and older people

Someone to help you (home care)

Information for people who need help with daily activities.

What is available?

If you are having problems with daily activities like washing, dressing, getting to the toilet or preparing meals you may need help from a care worker. We will meet with you to look at what you can and can't manage and work out with you what outcomes and goals you are looking for. Where we agree that services are needed to meet your outcomes we will work with you and your wider network of support to develop a support plan. This may include care staff visiting you to help you with activities like dressing or meal preparation.

We also work with a number of suppliers to provide care & support for those who need it, a list of providers can be found on our Find local care or support page.

Who can get help or who can get the service?

People in East Renfrewshire who need practical help as a result of physical disabilities, learning disabilities, the effects of a long term health problem or physical frailty.

In order to work out how much support is needed we will undertake an assessment of your care needs for services like home care, day services or a place in a care home.

Even if you plan to arrange and pay for these services yourself, it's still a good idea to get an assessment of your care needs so that all your care needs are identified and you're aware of any help you can get from your local council or the NHS. 

Please see Care Information Scotland for further information on assessment of your care needs or Assessment and eligibility criteria for social care.

Help is also available to people who are recovering from a period in hospital and needing temporary help to maintain their independence.

In most cases we will aim to support people to do as much as possible for themselves. This may include a period of "re-ablement"  where our staff will support people to get used to do things for themselves again after illness for example.

How does a person access the help/service?

Services to support people at home can be provided in an emergency if needed or quickly to help people get out of hospital. However, in most cases we will want to undertake an assessment which will involve someone discussing with you what outcomes you are looking for and how, taking account of family and community supports, we can help achieve these goals.

How much does it cost?

The Health and Social Care Partnership (HSCP) charges for a number of services.

Home Care Services are subsidised by East Renfrewshire Council. If you are aged over 65 and require help with personal care this will be provided free of charge. For other services like shopping there may be a charge depending on the income of the person receiving the service.

People aged under 65 receiving Home Care Services may be charged depending on their income. A charge may be applied after benefit entitlements have been checked and claimed.

Care costs need to be calculated carefully, particularly as the costs can be over £1,000 per week. Online calculators can be used to estimate what these costs could be:

Can a person get help with the cost?

Where you may be charged for a service we will arrange for support from the Money Advice and Rights team to help make sure you are receiving all income you are entitled to.

Monitoring your home care service

East Renfrewshire Council uses a care monitoring system called CallConfirmLive! The system is very simple and enables us to monitor the service you receive from either our own in-house service or services from an external care provider.

How does the system work?

The system works in 2 different ways:

  • When your home care worker arrives at your home they will use their mobile phone and swipe it across a small sticker that will normally be kept in your care plan, which records the start of the visit. This process is repeated on departure. This enables us to verify that your home carer has arrived safely with you and that you are receiving your care.


  • When your home care worker arrives at your home, and with your permission, they will call a special number from your telephone. This 0800 number is free to call from your landline telephone to our central call logging system. This free call is not answered and the technology automatically records the time and the date so we know that your home care worker has arrived safely with you and that you are receiving your care. This process is repeated on departure.

How will it benefit you?

Using CallConfirmLive! Will provide the following benefits:

  • Help ensure you are receiving your visits at the correct time.
  • If your home care worker does not attend we will be alerted in order to ensure another home care worker can come to you.
  • Help ensure you are receiving the appropriate amount of time with your home care worker.
  • Help us monitor quality aspects of our service such as punctuality and continuity.

If you have any queries or need further information please contact Customer Services:

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