Adult Social Work

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What do we do?

We provide a variety of services which aim to:

  • ensure the safety and protection of vulnerable adults, young people and children
  • support individuals and families to maintain independence and to exercise choice about the way they live their lives

Our services:


When you contact us, a specialist call handler will ask you some questions about your needs and the support that you require (or the person who you are contacting us on behalf of). This is a conversation between the call handler, yourself and your carer, if you have one.  These questions let us know what matters to you and helps us identify the support and advice you need to help you live as independent a life as you can. Our conversation will establish whether we pass your request to one of our Health and Social Care Partnership services or signpost you to another organisation or service. This may include referral to our community Talking Points partnership.

Not everyone will qualify for a service. Find out more about our social care criteria and our Assessment Framework


Request support by calling the Initial Contact Team on 0141 800 7850 or contact us online
Check if you are eligible for a service
Telecare Service
Equipu Ask Sara - If you are having difficulties in your daily life managing personal care, meal preparation or with your mobility you may require some advice or equipment to help you. You can quickly access advice and solutions that may assist by answering some simple questions on the Equipu Ask Sara website about your difficulties. If this does not meet your needs or signposts you for further assessment please contact the Initial Contact Team on the number above. If you unable to access Ask Sara online, call 0300 999 0004.

Self Directed Support (SDS) - If you're looking for more information contact the SDS Forum or you can call them 0141 638 2525

If you need a service outwith office hours, you can contact Glasgow and Partners Emergency Social Work Services on 0300 343 1505.



Last modified on 23 April 2024