Local Development Plan 2

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Proposed Local Development Plan 2 (LDP2) as modified

Work on reviewing our existing Local Development Plan (LDP) began in 2016. The proposed plan was submitted to the Scottish Ministers on 18 August 2020 for examination. The Reporters have now concluded the examination and submitted the examination report and a series of recommendations regarding changes to the proposed plan. These recommendations were approved by Full Council at its meeting of 27 October and incorporated into a modified Plan.  The modified Plan and supporting information has been submitted to Scottish Ministers for approval.  Ministers have 28 days to respond and after this the Council can formally adopt the Plan.  More information on the adoption process and timescales will be provided on these pages in due course.

Document information

The proposed LDP2 and proposals map sets out the development strategy, key policies and proposals that provide the land use planning framework to guide development in East Renfrewshire up to 2029. An online story map provides an interactive method to view and read the proposed LDP2.

Comments received from the earlier main issues report stage have informed the proposed plan. The full timetable and stages for the plan's preparation are set out in the development plan scheme.

The Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) includes the likely significant effects that the proposed LDP2 may have on the environment.

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Last modified on 17 December 2021