Local Development Plan 3

Find out about the Local Development Plan 3.

We're at the start of preparing a new Local Development Plan (LDP3) for the East Renfrewshire Council area. Details on the stages and programming for preparing the new Local Development Plan, what is likely to be involved at each stage, and who will be involved is set out in the Development Plan Scheme (DPS)  and Participation Statement.

Current Stage - Evidence Report

The Council has started preparing the third Local Development Plan (LDP3) which will guide future land use and development across East Renfrewshire. LDP3 will be prepared under new Regulations produced by the Scottish Government. The first stage in preparing this new plan is a process of evidence-gathering, to inform the production of an Evidence Report. The purpose of the evidence-gathering is to allow the Council to identify important matters that affect the Council area and the identification of the key things that the plan itself must address.

The Scottish Government published a high level plan in 2023, known as National Planning Framework 4. This aims to support the planning and delivery of sustainable, liveable and productive places. Under these headings the National Planning Framework 4 sets out a wide range of topics that have to be considered in preparing LDP3.

We've been working to gather evidence in relation to the topics within the National Planning Framework 4. 


To help shape our plan we're inviting those interested in LDP3 to review the Topic Papers on our Local Development Plan hub, share their comments and submit any additional evidence they would like us to take into account. We'll also be inviting comments from the group of bodies defined by the Scottish Government as the 'key agencies' for example Scottish Water and NatureScot.

It is important to note that at this stage, we are gathering evidence that will inform a later process of identifying any changes in land use and the need for any new facilities. Before the Council moves on to make land-use decisions, we have to prepare and publish the Evidence Report which will then be reviewed by the Scottish Government, in a process known as a 'Gate Check'.

Please register your interest in the plan through the Commonplace consultation below. You'll then receive updates as the plan progresses into the later stages.

More information on the Topic Papers forming the background to the Evidence Report can be found on our  Local Development Plan hub. A Site Assessment framework is also available.  A full set of the papers and summaries is  available on the LDP hub.

Topic Paper Consultation

The topics that we are required to consider to allow our LDP3 to take account of National Planning Framework 4 are:

  1. Climate Mitigation and Adaptation
  2. Biodiversity and Natural Places
  3. Soils
  4. Woodland and Forestry
  5. Historic Assets and Places
  6. Green Belts and Landscape Character
  7. Brownfield, Vacant, Derelict and Contaminated Land
  8. Energy Generation and Distribution
  9. Zero Waste
  10. Transport

11. Placemaking

12. Local Living

13. Housing and Housing Land Monitoring Report

14. Infrastructure First

15. Education

16. Heating and Cooling

17. Blue and Green Infrastructure

18. Play, Recreation and Sport

19. Strategic Flood Risk and Waste Water Management

20. Health and Wellbeing

21. Communications and Digital Infrastructure

22. Economic Development and Business and Industry Land Audit

23. Town Centres and Retailing

24. Creativity, Culture and Tourism

25. Minerals and Coal Mining

26.  Socio-Economic Profile

We understand that there is a lot of information, but it is important that we consider evidence related to all the areas that will be covered by LDP3. We envisage that a lot of people will have an interest in only some of the papers, although of course, we welcome comments on all.

We would like interested parties to either:

  • confirm that they are broadly satisfied with the evidence presented; or
  • identify any areas of evidence which they disagree with, or where they consider significant gaps in the evidence; and
  • supply any relevant additional/alternative evidence for the Council's consideration which they consider should be taken into account as we prepare the Evidence Report. 

A response form is available from the Local Development Plan hub.

The consultation will run for 4 weeks until 10th May 2024.

Engagement Surveys

The first stage in the preparation of LDP3 was finding out how communities and other stakeholders want to engage on LDP3 and receive updates. Two surveys were published to gather views, a 'Participation Survey' and a 'Youth Engagement survey'. The surveys were also used as a mechanism to raise awareness of LDP3 and the future timeline for the preparation of the Plan.  

The 'Pre-Engagement Surveys' analysis of responses can be found on our dedicated online  Local Development Plan hub.

The analysis has also informed the Development Plan Scheme (DPS)  and Participation Statement for LDP3.  The DPS set out the stages and programming for preparing the Local Development Plan, what is likely to be involved at each stage, and who will be involved.  

LDP3 Your Place Surveys

We recently asked people who live and work in the area to complete an online 'Your Place' survey to tell us what was good about their places and how they could be better. The survey was based on the Place Standard Tool, the overarching context for place-based working in Scotland and was open for 4 weeks closing on 16 October 2023.

There were a number of different surveys for different groups of people, in order to gather as many views as possible:

  • Your Place Survey
  • Your Place Young People Survey (for ages 13 - 25)
  • Your Place Children's Survey (for ages 5 - 12)

Thank you to everyone who took part, we are extremely grateful for all of your responses and comments made.

We are now reading and collating all the comments we have received and will publish the findings in due course on our LDP3 Hub.

Last modified on 17 April 2024