Whitelee event hosting

Information about charity and event hosting at Whitelee.

At over 30 miles square and with an extensive 130km of near traffic free windfarm tracks and roads, Whitelee offers a unique setting that event organisers can utilise. With only 20 minutes travel from central Glasgow, Kilmarnock, East Kilbride and surrounding villages, Whitelee is easily accessible to a large proportion of the Scottish population.

The visitor centre can be booked for events at a cost, but certain facilities can be made available free of charge through prior consultation. The centre provides:

  • indoor and outdoor toilets
  • a covered bike shed
  • cafe
  • hub meeting room
  • exhibition hall

Alternative parking arrangements can also be made for large scale events.

Due to Whitelee being an operational windfarm that includes large areas of operational forest, there are some activities that can't be supported within the windfarm. This includes:

  • releasing or using balloons
  • kites/kite flying
  • model aircraft
  • gliders or hang-gliders
  • parasailing
  • parachuting
  • hot-air ballooning (or any other 'flying' machine/apparatus)
  • motorised vehicles
  • motorised water sports
  • fireworks and/or fires

Apply to hold an event

Small events

The Land Reform (Scotland) Act 2003 allows smaller groups the right to use the windfarm for any events approved in the Scottish Outdoor Access Code (SOAC).

If you wish to use the windfarm to run a small event we'd ask that you  fill out the small event summary form (PDF) [1MB] .

Large events

Large scale events with the potential to impact on the movements and enjoyment of other access users at the windfarm, as well as the normal day to day business of the windfarm and forestry areas, need to go through the event application process.

We ask that anyone wishing to make use of the windfarm for hosting a large event  fill out a large event request form (PDF) [1MB] and return it to the Countryside Rangers.

Once received, your application will be assessed by the Whitelee Events Management Group made up of the relevant land managers and owners. The events group will help you plan your event and resolve any issues that may influence your event.

Please note, receiving permission from the landowners can take up to 6 weeks after you submit your event application so allow enough time to prepare your application, await the result and then to promote your event.

Last modified on 11 May 2021
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