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Planning and Building Standards

Supplementary Planning Guidance

New Supplementary Planning Guidance has also been prepared to support the Local Development Plan.

Front cover image of SPG

Supplementary Planning Guidance

Supplementary Planning Guidance (SPG) can include documents such as Development Briefs, Master Plans and expressions of detailed policy.  They expand upon or supplement the policies and proposals of the Local Development Plan.

Provision is made under Section 22 of the Planning etc. Scotland Act 2006 for the preparation of supplementary guidance in connection with a Local Development Plan.


Proposed Supplementary Planning Guidance out for Consultation
SPGConsultation DatesLDP Policy


Supplementary Planning Guidance has also been prepared to support the Local Development Plan and provide more guidance on specific policy areas.  These documents form a statutory part of the Local Development Plan.

SPG adopted Adopted Supplementary Planning Guidance
SPGDateLDP Policy
pdf icon Renewable Energy SPG [1Mb]January 2017E1
pdf icon Drumby Crescent SPG [755kb]January 2016M5
pdf icon Affordable Housing [628kb]June 2015SG5
pdf icon Dams to Darnley [2Mb]June 2015M2 / M2.2 / SP3
pdf icon Daylight & Sunlight Design Guide [616kb]June 2015D1
pdf icon Development Contributions [171kb]June 2015SP3
pdf icon Energy Efficient Design [534kb]June 2015E2
pdf icon Green Network & Environmental Management [2Mb]June 2015D4 / D5 / D8 / D3
pdf icon Householder Design Guide [444kb]June 2015D1 / D14
pdf icon Management & Protection of the Built Heritage [977kb]June 2015D11
pdf icon Neilston Infill Development Strategy [1Mb]June 2015M8
pdf icon Rural Development Guidance [1Mb]June 2015D3
pdf icon Residential Street Design [1Mb]June 2015D1

In addition Supplementary Planning Guidance has been adopted for the 3 Master Plan Sites as follows:

Maidenhill SPG Maidenhill
SPGDateLD Policy
pdf icon Maidenhill Master Plan SPG [8Mb]June 2015M2.1
Barrhead South SPG Barrhead South
SPGDateLD Policy
pdf icon Barrhead South Master Plan SPG [13Mb]June 2015M2.2
Barrhead North SPG Barrhead North
SPGDateLD Policy
pdf icon Barrhead North Master Plan SPG [1Mb]June 2015M3

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