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Community Councils

Treasurer: Role on community councils

The treasurer manages the financial affairs of the community council.

The Treasure is responsible for:

  • Making sure all financial transactions are carried out properly after the community council makes decisions on expenditure at its formal meetings. This might include issuing cheques or paying invoices (treasurers should avoid paying or handling cash).
  • keeping the community council accounts up-to-date and reporting on the budget position at each regular meeting of the community council, so that members can make informed decisions on committing to expenditure. Advice on committing expenditure can be found in Supplementary Guidance.  
  • Preparing an Annual Statement of Accounts /Balance Sheet. Community councils should use an independent, external examiner to approve the accounts. This does not need to be a professional accountant, but should be someone who has relevant book-keeping knowledge. Given sufficient notice, Voluntary Action East Renfrewshire can provide an audit service for a modest fee.
  • The Balance Sheet should include should include the specific account of all the spending against the Administrative Allowance grants by East Renfrewshire Council. 
  • When the statement has been certified and approved, it should be sent to the local authority, together with an extract of accounts specifically detailing expenditure against the annual administrative allowance, awarded by the council. Original receipts and vouchers to the council to validate the administrative expenditure should be produced. The standard form of words for the Treasurer's Certificate is: "I certify that the above accounts have been prepared by me and accurately reflect the financial provisions relating to the period 1 April 201? to 31 March 201?"

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