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Apply for a school catchment place

Information about catchment area schools in East Renfrewshire and how to apply.

Each residential property located within East Renfrewshire has a catchment non-denominational and Roman Catholic primary and secondary school assigned to it. If you live in East Renfrewshire or are moving into the area you should apply for a catchment place at the Primary or Secondary school associated with your property.

Although the Council aims to provide enough places for all children at the preferred catchment primary and secondary school, living within the delineated catchment area of a school does not guarantee a child a place at a catchment school.

If you wish to attend a school that is not within your catchment area you should complete a placing request application. You are advised that you should also submit a catchment application, as there is no guarantee that a placing request will be successful.

Applications for the current session are currently closed and will re-open mid July 2022.

A child should start school if they turn 5 between 1 March of that year and the last day of February the following year.

You can apply for a primary 1 school catchment place for your child if you live in, or will be living in, East Renfrewshire by the start of the new session in August.

Applications for P1 school catchment places should be made before 21 January 2022. 

Applications can be made after 21 January 2022, however, it is advisable to make your application by this date as this provides you with the optimum chance of securing a place in your preferred school.

Online applications should be made via the Primary one webpage.

Deferring entry to primary school (P1)

If a child reaches the age of five during January or February (after the August in which they are supposed to commence their primary education), parents/carers may choose to defer entry until the following academic year. Such children will be entitled to an additional year of funded early learning and childcare.

Parents of children who reach the age of five between the start of term in August and the end of December, can still decide to defer, however education authorities are required to exercise discretion as to whether an additional free year of early learning and childcare will be funded. 

Applications received before the closing date of 31 January 2022 will be considered as Priority 2 (an East Renfrewshire resident where a funded ELC place has been granted to support deferred entry to primary school.). Late applications will be considered as Priority 7 (an East Renfrewshire resident with no other listed priority) and cannot be guaranteed.

Online applications should be made via the Primary one webpage.

Early entry for P1

You can make a request for early entry to school for a child whose 5th birthday falls after the last day in February.  Contact the Educations Admissions team to find out more.

If your child already attends a school in East Renfrewshire as part of the P7 to S1 transfer process, you'll be given details of the S1 application process in November or December of their P7 year.

If you live in East Renfrewshire and your child doesn't attend an East Renfrewshire primary school you should apply for an S1 place in the December before your child is due to transfer to secondary school in the August. 

Applications for Session 2023-24 will open in December 2022

You can apply for a catchment place in a primary or secondary school commencing in the new session if:

  • you already live within the catchment area and your child does not currently attend an East Renfrewshire school
  • you are moving into the authority, have secured a property and have a confirmed entry date before the beginning of the new session

Applications for Session 2023-24 will open in December 2022

Supporting Catchment Place Documentation

You'll be required to provide proof of your child's date of birth and supporting documentation as evidence you and your child are/will be residing in the catchment area of the school applied for.  The documentation required will depend on your circumstances. Full details of the documents required will be listed on the acknowledgement email sent to you after you have completed the online application (we will aim to send you the acknowledgement email within 5 days of the application being submitted).

You and your child must be residing in the catchment area of the school and all of the necessary documentation must be provided before your child can start school.

Please note, we can ask for more evidence or information when proof of residency isn't satisfied.


Last modified on 16 August 2022