Placing requests

Information about placing requests in East Renfrewshire and how to apply.

You need to submit a placing request if:

  • you wish for your child to attend a school other than your local catchment school
  • you don't live in East Renfrewshire
  • you wish to apply for a place at Calderwood Lodge Primary School
  • your child already attends an East Renfrewshire school and you want them to transfer to another school within East Renfrewshire
  • at the point of transferring from primary to secondary school you wish for your child to attend a secondary school other than your local one
  • you live within the catchment area of the school your child attends and, at a later date, move out of the catchment area. This is called a 'placing request to remain'.

If you're making a placing request for Calderwood Lodge Primary School, a different set of criteria is used to allocate places. contact the Admissions team for more information.

Before you begin  

  • You need to fill out a separate application form for each child.
  • You can only apply for 1 school at a time.

If your placing request is granted, any place your child currently holds in an East Renfrewshire school is released and may be allocated to another child immediately.

Please note, there's no waiting list for placing requests.

You can apply for a school place during:

Term time

You can submit an application for a school place at any time. We've 2 months to process an application. 

After 2 months, if you haven't got a decision in writing, you can assume that the application has been refused. 

For the start of the new term in August

You should submit the application between 1 December and 31 January before the start of the new term in August.

Any application submitted after 31 January will be classed as a late application.

How to apply

Apply online

Alternatively, you can email the Admissions team for a copy of the application form.

What happens next?

You'll get an acknowledgement when your application has been received. 

You should get an email with a reference number within 10 working days. If you don't get a reference number within this timeframe, contact the Admissions team.

Once we process your application, you'll receive a decision in writing. 

Successful applications

If your placing request is accepted, your child should enrol at the school within 4 weeks of the date of your decision letter.

A successful application:

  • for primary school is valid only until the end of primary 7
  • for primary school doesn't guarantee a place in the associated secondary school
  • for secondary school is valid until the child leaves school
  • doesn't guarantee placing requests for future siblings

Transport won't be provided for pupils attending a school as the result of a successful placing request.

Unsuccessful applications

If your application is unsuccessful, you'll be advised of the reason why.

  • You can either appeal the decision or submit another placing request - you can't do both.
  • You should submit your appeal, in writing, within 28 days of receiving the decision

If the Education Appeals Committee refuses your request, you've the right of further appeal to the Sheriff (in which case you may wish to seek legal advice).

You can only appeal once in a 12 month period, per child.

If you decide to appeal, you won't be able to make another placing request until the appeal is heard or you withdraw it.

Last modified on 1 December 2022