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Prepare for winter

There are many ways of preparing for the winter months that will be beneficial to you. Preparations aren't costly or time consuming and will keep you equipped for the worst.

Water pipe split due to freezing

Prepare your home

During winter, pipes can burst due to the water in the pipes freezing.

There are a few simple measures you can take to prevent pipes from freezing, such as keeping your heating on at a low temperature or leaving taps open slightly to keep a small flow of water continuing through the pipes.

Follow this advice from Scottish Water: Heat, Insulate and Protect Your Pipes:

  • Identify where the stop value on your boiler is and then learn how to turn off your water
  • Learn how to turn off your electricity supply at the mains
  • Ensure your property and contents are insured
  • Understand the terms of instance policies to understand what you are covered for, for example, flooding, burst pipes and storm damage
  • Keep funds available to pay for emergency plumbers, electricians etc.
  • Identify your nearest grit bin
  • Keep a shovel, salt/grit and de-icer which will assist in clearing paths, driveways and ice from cars
  • Consider buying portable gas or oil-filled heaters for emergencies

Prepare yourself

  • Keep supplies of cold/flu medicine at home
  • Ask if you are eligible for a free flu vaccine - speak to your doctor
  • Keep warm indoors and out, and wear a hat in cold temperatures as your head is where most of your body heat escapes from

For more information on staying healthy in the winter months, visit: NHS: Colds and flu.

Be helpful

  • Check on elderly friends, neighbours and relatives regularly.
  • Ask if you can help in any way, for example, with food shopping.
  • If safe to do so, help if you see a vehicle in difficulty. Perhaps you could offer the use of a telephone or simply a warm drink?

For more tips on preparing and coping in the winter months, visit Ready Scotland.

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