Blue paper and cardboard bin

Find out what goes in your blue bin, how often it's collected and how to request a new or replacement bin.

How often is my blue bin collected?

Your blue bin is collected every 3 weeks.

What goes in my blue bin?

Blue bin contents
Yes pleaseNo thanks
  • Cereal boxes / ready-meal sleeves
  • Christmas / greeting cards
  • Computer paper
  • Contents of junk mail
  • Directories / catalogues
  • Envelopes that aren't padded
  • Magazines / newspapers
  • Corrugated or packing cardboard
  • Cardboard lined cartons (juice cartons)
  • Card soiled with food
  • Paperback books

Waste not in your blue bin

For recycling that doesn't fit in your blue bin, we'll collect it if it's in a container next to your bin by 7am on the day of collection.

You can also take it to your nearest recycling point or centre.

Material not suitable for your blue bin

If you put material in your blue bin that shouldn't be there we won't collect it. We'll put a sticker on your bin to mark it as contaminated.

Last modified on 7 April 2021