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Council performance, statistics and spending

How is the council performing?

This section explains how the Council collects and analyses a wide range of data (including customer feedback) to track and measure how well services are performing and also, in some instances, to identify where action is needed to improve service performance.

Letting you know about how services are performing is an important part of showing how we are accountable for our actions.

The Council's Outcome Delivery Plan sets out what changes we will work to achieve and the Corporate Statement conveys our vision for local services and the local area.  Council and Partnership performance is linked to the ODP outcomes and the organisational outcomes of Customer, People and Efficiency are the collective grouping of East Renfrewshire Council's performance management framework.

Performance reports can be viewed by year, and by service area, through the related pages.

Statutory indicators - Reports containing the mandatory and non-mandatory SPIs can be found in the relevant year's performance page. For more information on the national (LGBF) project, please visit the Improvement Service website:

More detailed information on what we are working to achieve can be found in the following document:



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