Dealing with damp and condensation

Find out how to deal with damp and condensation and report black mould.

Damp causes mould to grow on walls and furniture window frames to rot. It can also cause mildew on clothes. Most damp is caused by excess moisture in the air. This is condensation.

Here's some ways to reduce damp in your home:

Produce less moisture

  • Dry clothes outdoors where possible
  • Cover pots when cooking

Remove excess moisture

  • Wipe windows and sills every morning to remove condensation
  • Use extractor fans when showering

Open windows

  • Let warm moist air out and cool dry air in
  • Use trickle vents if UPVC windows if you have them
  • If not, open your windows slightly each day

Keep heating low and constant in winter

  • Constant low background heat is better than hot burst to avoid condensation

Black mould

Phone us on 0141 577 3700 to report black mould.

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Last modified on 14 July 2021