Grit bins and locations

Find out where we grit and your nearest grin bin.

Grit team filling grit bin

Map of gritting routes and grit bins

Gritting routes are carefully planned to make sure we cover the main routes in East Renfrewshire. This includes main A roads, bus routes and fire stations. 

There are 337 grit bins in East Renfrewshire.

Find grit bin locations and gritted routes

Priority gritting routes

Our staff work 24 hours on standby during the winter.

We get road updates from a specialist forecasting service at least 3 times a day. Roadside sensors also send information to help check road conditions. This helps us decide what action to take.

Priority 1Strategic and main traffic routes
 A77 Fenwick Road
 A77 Ayr Road
 A727 Busby to Spiersbridge
 A736 Glasgow Road to Lochlibo Road
 B769 Stewarton Road
 B767 Busby to Eaglesham
Priority 2One access route to fire stations
 Major bus routes
 School bus routes notified by SPT (may not include the full route)
Priority 3Other B class roads
Priority 4Local employment areas such as industrial estates
Priority 5C class roads and unclassified public roads
Priority 6Access to isolated homes
Priority 7Prospective public roads
Priority 8Private roads

During normal winter weather, we grit priority 1 to 3 routes and some priority 4 and 5 routes. We'll grit these routes on first and second runs.

During severe winter weather we may need to concentrate on priority 1 and 2 routes.

We'll grit other routes if the severe weather continues and other priority routes stay clear.

M77 and A726 roads

These roads are looked after by a private contractor - Connect Roads.

Phone Traffic Scotland on 0800 028 1414 for any enquiries.

Pavement gritting priorities
Priority 1

Shopping areas

Priority 2Areas used by many people such as train station entrances
Priority 3Steep hills in housing areas, old people's homes and sheltered housing

Priority 4


One pavement along the front of each school

We grit pavements once all priority routes are deemed safe and clear and if we have the resource to do so. 

Contact us


Phone: 0141 577 3001

Last modified on 11 January 2021

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