Health and social care assessments

Information about health and social care assessments.

What's an assessment?

An assessment is an opportunity for you to tell us about your circumstances and discuss your care and support needs.

Why we do assessments

The information from the assessment will help us to understand the problems you're having and identify the services that may be needed.

How we do assessments

We'll ask you questions to find out exactly what your needs are and write down what you tell us on a community care assessment form. You'll then be asked to sign the form to say that you agree with what has been written.

What if my needs change?

If your needs change contact us again. As you've already had an assessment you won't need to repeat all of the information.

Can I see what's written about me?

Yes. You'll be offered a copy of the assessment and the care plan.

What if I'm not happy with the assessment?

If you're not happy with the assessment you can talk to your assessor at any time or feedback directly to us.

Who'll have access to my information?

Your information is kept private. If you agree, we would like to be able to share it with other health or social care staff involved in looking after your needs.

This will save you answering the same questions again when you see a different person, and will help us to offer you well-planned and consistent care.

Last modified on 2 June 2021