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Tenant and customer engagement

Provides more information on our interaction with tenant associations and our tenant and customer engagement strategy.

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What is Tenant and Customer Engagement?

We want engagement to be a two way process that is of benefit to us as your landlord, or provider of services, and you as our customer.

We want you to have the opportunity to tell us what you think of us as your landlord but also for you to be able to direct and influence how we provide services in the future.

In order to ensure this happens we are committed to supporting and encouraging all of our customers to get involved in a wide range of activities including.

Customer engagement strategy

In October 2014 housing services launched its first customer engagement strategy which you can download and read:

In developing this strategy we hope to be able to:

  • Increase the number of customers providing feedback on our services or influencing our service provision.
  • Create new ways to get involved in the feedback process that suit our customers.
  • Ensure that this customer involvement leads to real and measurable improvements in our services and customer satisfaction.

How can I get involved?

Customer satisfaction surveys

We presently operate a wide range of satisfaction surveys and they give us a lot of valuable information about the services we provide.

Surveys presently cover temporary accommodation, young person's housing support, homeless services and repairs and we hope to introduce further surveys for estates services and anti social behaviour.

You will also receive a survey feedback form with one of our quarterly newsletters. This is a form that allows you to tell us about a service you received without having to wait until we ask. These are proving popular and we have received a range of feedback from customers.

Focus groups

From time to time we will organise small focus groups where we will talk to customers who have received a specific service from us, or who might have expressed concerns about the way we do things, and we will seek their views on what they thought of the service. Again we would not expect you to be out of pocket for attending these groups.

Tenant satisfaction survey

Every two years we undertake a survey that asks our tenants for their views on the service as a whole. More recently we brought in an external consultant to undertake this and we received a wide range of useful information which assists us in identifying problems.

Information provision

If our customers don't know what we are doing, and how we do it, then they cannot comment fully on the service they receive. We will publish a range of information about the services we provide, this will be available on the website and also at main offices of the council.

Comments, compliments and complaints

Through receiving your comments, compliments or complaints we can improve the service we provide and ensure it meets the needs who those who access it. We will routinely feed back to you on how we have used your feedback in a number of ways, the tenants newsletter, our website, our annual report to tenants and using Twitter and Facebook.

Tenants and Residents Associations (TRAs)

These are groups of local people who act in a voluntary capacity to put forward local views and concerns. They mostly meet once per month and they have a committee that runs their business and acts as a contact point with the council. These groups are useful as a local contact as they will have a range of knowledge which can assist you and will usually know local council officers that can help you with any problems.

If you are interested in making a difference in your community, one of the best ways is to support your local tenants and residents association.  If there is not a tenants group in your area, you may wish to get together with your neighbours to form an association.

Please contact our tenant and customer engagement officer to find out how to get a group up and running.

How can I set a TRA up?

In the first instance contact our tenant and customer engagement officer. You will receive a range of information that will assist you and you will also receive practical support for as long as your group needs it.

If you, and a few of your neighbours, are interested, and you represent council tenants in the area you live in, then please get in touch.

Registered Tenant Organisations (RTOs)

The Housing (Scotland) Act 2001 places a duty on the council to register any group that wishes to do so and as such we keep a record of all registered groups. You can access the register in any main council office and a copy is available here for you to view. pdf icon Register of tenant organisations 2017 [164kb]

In addition we organise a Registered Tenants Organisation Forum. This is an opportunity for us to share information with RTOs and for them to discuss with us any local issues. We also ensure information is distributed to all RTOs and TRAs as a matter of course and that should they seek information we will provide it in a timely manner and in a format of their choice.

How the council supports local associations

The council supports tenants and residents associations in a variety of ways by providing advice, information, administrative support and funding to groups. The Tenant and Customer Engagement Officer plays a key role in helping the council achieve this.  The officer will provide support to associations where required and assist in funding applications and organise various council staff to come along to tenant events and meetings to discuss concerns and issues that tenants may have.

Groups who wish to be registered should contact our tenant and customer engagement officer in the first instance

Joining a local association

If you are interested in joining an association you should contact your local association directly.  If you do not wish to join an tenants association, but would like to share your views there are a range of ways you can do this.

More information on local tenants' groups is available here: pdf icon Register of tenant organisations 2017 [164kb] 

If you would like to find out more about any aspect of our customer engagement activity please contact:

Brian Coles
Tenant and Customer Engagement Officer
Tel: 0141 577 3695
Email: customerengagement

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