Home emergencies

Get emergency phone numbers and find out how to deal with home emergencies if you're a council tenant.

Gas leaks

Phone the National Gas Emergency Network on 0800 111 999 

What you can do

  • Switch off any appliances right away
  • Turn off the gas at the stop tap (this is a lever next to the gas meter)
  • Open windows and doors
  • Leave the room the appliance is in
  • Put out all naked flames
  • Don't turn on switches or light a cigarette

If you've any of the unexplained symptoms contact a doctor or NHS24.

Gas breakdown repairs

If you have no heating or hot water contact City Technical on 0333 202 0708.
If you smell gas contact Transco on 0800 111 999

Response times

PriorityResponse time
1 - EmergencyWithin 2 hours
2 - UrgentBy the end of the working day
3 - Arranged repairsWithin 1 working week

Burst pipe and overflows

Contact us.

What you can do

  • Turn off the water at the mains
  • Turn all your taps to drain the water from the system
  • If you find the leak, tie a rag around it and place a bucket underneath

No water

What you can do

  • Check with neighbours to see if they're affected.
  • If they are, it's likely to be a mains problem and should contact Scottish Water.
  • If you're the only one affected, the fault is likely to be in your home (for example, a frozen pipe) and you should contact us.

Power cut

What you can do

  • Check with neighbours to see if they're affected
  • If they are, it's likely to be a network problem
  • Contact your energy supplier
  • If you're the only one affected, check your fuse box
  • If this doesn't fix the problem contact us
Last modified on 24 March 2022