How tenants can get involved

Get involved and have your say in decisions about your housing services.

We want more tenants to give us feedback to help improve the service we provide. There are different ways you can do this.

Customer satisfaction survey

We'll send you a survey to complete with our quarterly newsletters.

Focus groups

We sometimes ask groups of tenants to take part in a discussion about a particular service. We'll usually invite you to take part through our newsletters or by gathering interest through the website.

Tenant satisfaction survey

We carry out this survey every 2 years. We'll ask your views on the housing service as a whole. This helps us identify common issues we need to resolve.

We'll publish the results when available on the website and in our communications with tenants.

Customer engagement strategy review

We review this strategy annually and want our tenants and customers to get involved and help us improve the services we offer.

You can have your say by either joining a customer review group or completing our survey online. 

Please note, survey dates are still to be confirmed for 2022.

Tenants and Residents Association (TRAs)

Tenants and Residents Assocation (TRAs) are groups of volunteer tenants who meet on a regular basis. They work with us to put forward residents' views and concerns. If there isn't a TRA in your area and you'd like to set one up, contact us.

We hold a register of all groups and make sure they receive details of relevant information. We also hold regular Registered Tenant Forums.

You can view the register at any council office.

Last modified on 3 May 2023