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Housing services

Homeless temporary accommodation

Information regarding our homeless temporary accommodation.

Where do I stay until you have made a decision on my homeless application?

If you need a place to stay while we are looking at your application, we will arrange temporary accommodation for you and any members of your family who have been living with you. As well as family members, if you have a disability and have a carer who lives with you, we will include them as part of your household.

What about my belongings?

If you have furniture or other belongings which you want to keep safe, we can arrange for them to be stored while we are looking at your application. If you have friends or relatives who will let you stay with them temporarily, but they have no room for your belongings, we can still arrange to store them.

Do I have to stay in temporary accommodation?

No. If you have friends or relatives who will let you stay with them temporarily, it will not affect the outcome your homeless application. We will deal with your application as quickly as possible, whether you are in temporary accommodation or not.

How will I know where to go if I need temporary accommodation?

Our Housing Advice Team can arrange for the provision of temporary accommodation for you and any members of family who live with you.

What type of temporary accommodation will you offer me?

We will try to arrange the most suitable type of accommodation for you. Exactly what we offer you will depend on your circumstances and needs. For example, if you have children, we will do our best to give you priority for one of our furnished flats, and we will, as far as possible, try to take factors such as your children's schooling into account. It will depend on what temporary accommodation is available at the time. We may not be able to arrange the type of temporary accommodation for you that you would prefer, simply because there is nothing of that type available at that time. We will do our best to move you to something suitable for your particular needs as quickly as we can.

We have several types of temporary accommodation that we use to accommodate homeless people.

  • Furnished flats

    We have a number of fully furnished council flats in some areas of East Renfrewshire.  We also have a number of fully furnished flats which are rented to us for use as temporary accommodation. In line with the Scottish Government's recommendations, we give priority to families with children for our furnished flats.
  • Supported accommodation

    We also have a supported accommodation project. This is intended to help young single people develop the skills they need to be able to manage their tenancies (for example, budgeting, housework, cooking and so on).
  • Emergency accommodation

    In an emergency situation, even if it is outwith office hours, we will try to arrange the most suitable accommodation we can for you. If there is nothing else available, however, we may have to offer bed and breakfast accommodation. We only use bed and breakfast accommodation where there is nothing else available, and we will try to move you to something more suitable as soon as we can. We prioritise households with children.

Our temporary accommodation service is inspected and regulated by the Care Inspectorate

How much will it cost me to stay in the temporary accommodation?

We will charge you rent on the temporary accommodation you occupy. The actual charge that you have to pay will depend on your income, and you may be entitled to Housing Benefit. We will help you with the Housing Benefit application forms and we will tell you what charges you will have to pay.

What if I can find my own temporary accommodation?

If you have friends or relatives who will let you stay with them temporarily, it will not affect how we deal with your homeless application. We must have a contact address for you in order that we can continue with your homeless application. It is also important that you tell us if you are planning to move out of our temporary accommodation. There is likely to be another homeless person waiting for that type of accommodation.

Can you give me a furnished flat near to my family and friends?

We will take your particular circumstances into account as far as is possible. This includes factors such as family support, your children's schooling and your place of employment. As we have a limited number of flats, however, there may be nothing available in the area that you want at that particular time.

Can you give me the furnished flat permanently?

No. We use these flats to provide a safe, comfortable place for people to stay in while we are trying to find them permanent accommodation. As there are only a limited number of flats, we need to ensure that we have a flat available for the next homeless person requiring temporary accommodation. When you move out, another homeless person will move in.

How long can I stay in temporary accommodation?

We will continue to provide you with temporary accommodation until we have completed your homeless application. When you accept an offer of permanent housing, we will work with you to make the arrangements to help you move into your new home.

Will you move me during my stay in temporary accommodation?

We will try to make sure that you are as settled as possible, but we need to make the best use of our accommodation. As a result, we may sometimes have to move people from one type of accommodation to another or from one place to another. We may also move you if more suitable accommodation for your needs becomes available or if your needs change.

What if I am staying in a furnished flat and I need to go away?

It would be unwise to leave a fully-furnished flat empty. If you are staying in our temporary accommodation, and you need to go away for a short while, it is essential that you let us know; otherwise the accommodation will be left empty and unprotected. We may also assume that you have made other arrangements so we may cancel your accommodation.

What does the Supported Accommodation Officer do?

Your Supported Accommodation Officer will look after all aspects of your stay in our temporary accommodation, including:

  • arranging suitable temporary accommodation for you,
  • booking you into a furnished flat,
  • giving you any relevant information about the flat or the surrounding area. This includes things like shops, G.P. surgeries, bus routes, and so on.
  • working with you in identifying any support needs you may have and how these can be provided

Your Supported Accommodation Officer will also talk to you about arranging removal and storage of your belongings. If you are staying in one of our furnished flats, the Supported Accommodation Officer will call at the flat regularly. If you have any problems or any questions about your stay while in temporary accommodation, your Supported Accommodation Officer is there to help.

Organisations offering Independent Advice

East Renfrewshire Citizens Advice Bureau
216 Main Street, Glasgow G78 1SN
0141 881 2032
Opening Times
Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri: 9.30 - 15.30
Wed: 9.30 - 15.30 and 15.30 - 18.00 (by appt.)

Shelter Scotland Helpline,
0808 800 4444
(9.00am - 5.00pm Monday to Friday)
The Shelter advice line is free to call from landlines and all six of the main UK mobile networks: Virgin, Orange, 3, T-Mobile, Vodafone and O2, but charges may apply from any other network


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