Homeless temporary accommodation

Find out about temporary accommodation for yourself and those you live with you.

If you've nowhere to live, we can arrange emergency homeless accommodation on a temporary basis. This also includes family members and any carers who normally live with you.

Contact our Housing Options team who can arrange this, but first, please read the information below that explains how the service works.

Temporary accommodation is similar in some ways to other rented accommodation:

  • there is an accommodation charge you will be expected to pay whilst living there.
  • you'll need to contact energy suppliers to set up your gas and electricity supply.
  • you'll be expected to pay council tax whilst staying in a flat.
  • you'll will sign a tenancy agreement.
  • you're expected to behave in a reasonable manner during your stay and in accordance with your tenancy agreement.

Households who are on a low income or qualify for welfare support benefit will need to make a claim for housing benefit as soon as possible. Our Temp Accommodation Support Team can help you with this if you need support to do this.

It's your responsibility to pay weekly rent for your temporary accommodation

It won't affect your application if you stay with friends and family while we look at your application. Provide us with the address of where you're living and let us know if you move.

There is a high demand for temporary accommodation and a limited supply available.  Due to ongoing high demand, households may be offered emergency accommodation in Bed and Breakfasts. 

We'll always try to find you the most suitable temporary accommodation based on your households needs.

You can choose to refuse an offer of temporary accommodation, and this will not impact your homelessness application, however, no further temporary accommodation offer will be provided.

  • where possible, we give priority for furnished flats to families with children
  • you'll be re-charged for any damage to short stay flats incurred during your stay
  • the accommodation will be furnished
  • your accommodation support officer can check-in with you if you need additional support during your stay

Accommodation TypeCost


*Minimum cost per person per night (pppn)
this could vary depending on the service provider

£130 per single person, per night.

Each additional person £15 per night. 

Temporary flat£279.35 per week
Temporary Flat Overlee House (supported accommodation)£296.35 per week

You will need to contact energy providers for gas and electricity supplies whilst residing at a temporary flat.

Find out how to pay your council house rent when you're in temporary accommodation.

You can reside in temporary accommodation whilst your homeless application is being assessed.

If you receive an unintentionally homeless decision and it's determined the we have a duty to offer you permanent accommodation, you can continue residing in the temporary accommodation until you receive a permanent offer of housing. This may take a considerable amount of time. Because of this, we encourage you to look at all your housing options.

If you receive an intentionally homeless or not homeless decision you need to leave the temporary accommodation.

You receive one permanent offer of housing under our homelessness duty. Due to limited housing stock, we cannot guarantee you will receive a permanent offer of housing in an area of your choice, however it will meet your needs.

Speak with your Housing Options Officer to get advice on all the housing options available to you.

Normally our temporary accommodation can't become permanent.  We've a limited supply and this needs to be available for homelessness, however, if you have been residing in a temporary flat for some time you can request, via your Housing Options Officer that consideration be given to make your residency permanent.

You must let us know if you move out of our temporary accommodation so that additional rent charges are not accrued on your account. This also allows us to offer the accommodation to other households in desperate need.

Once you've an offer of permanent accommodation and you've signed the tenancy agreement, you'll need to move from the temporary accommodation as quickly as possible, or you will face rent charges for both properties.

You must also let us know if you're away from your accommodation. If you don't, we may think you've moved out and give it to someone else.

We can arrange storage for household items you may have from your previous accommodation. There will be a charge as the council out-sources this service.

Alternatively, you could ask your friends and family to help by storing your belongings.

The supported accommodation officer will help with your stay in temporary accommodation. This includes:

  • arranging a temporary place to live
  • giving information you need about the area. For example, GPs, bus routes and shops
  • finding out if you need extra support and how they can help, this might include employment, domestic abuse advice, wellbeing and education
  • you'll receive contact details of your Accommodation Support Officer when you access temporary accommodation and you can contact them if you have any problems while you're living there

Contact our Our Housing Team if you have need any more information.



Last modified on 11 July 2024