Homeless temporary accommodation

If you've nowhere to live, we can arrange a place to stay while we look at your application. This also includes family members and any carers who live with you.

Asking for temporary accommodation

Contact our Housing team who can arrange this.

It won't affect your application if you stay with friends and family while we look at your application. You must give us the address of where you're living and let us know if you move.

Types of temporary accommodation

We'll try to find you the most suitable place to live for your needs. This includes factors such as family support, children's schools and where you work.

Furnished flats

Where possible, we give priority for furnished flats to families with children.


This is usually bed and breakfast. We'll only offer this if nothing else is available. We'll aim to move you to more suitable accommodation as soon as it becomes available.


This aims to help young single people develop the skills they need to manage a tenancy.

Cost of temporary accommodation

Your rent will depend on the type of accommodation you're living in. It will also depend on your income.

We can also help you find out if you're entitled to Housing Benefit.

How long will I stay?

You'll stay until we make a decision on your homeless application.

Temporary accommodation can't become permanent. We only have a limited number and must keep them available for homelessness.

Moving or being away from temporary accommodation

You must let us know if you move out. We need to have a contact address for you at all times.

You must also let us know if you're away from your accommodation. If you don't, we may think you've moved out and give it to someone else.

Personal belongings

We can store your personal belongings if you're staying with friends and family and they have no room for them.

Supported accommodation officer

The supported accommodation officer will help with your stay in temporary accommodation. This includes:

  • arranging a temporary place to live
  • giving information you need about the area. For example, GPs, bus routes and shops
  • finding out if you need extra support and how they can help
  • storing your personal belongings

We'll give you contact details of your accommodation support officer.

You can contact them if you have any problems while you're living in temporary accommodation.

Last modified on 28 May 2021

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